Round One

Aramane Aalaap - Top 50 participants will be selected from the audition round

In this round the participants will have to sing krithis composed by Royal composers. The composers may either be the Maharajas themselves or may be patronized by the Royalty ( Aasthana Vidwans)

Round Two

Daasaru Kanda Dhaiva - Top 20 from the above round will be selected from Round One

In this round participants will have to render kritis composed by Hari Dasas. This round will give the singers a scope to include instruments like flute, tabla and rhythm pad along with the conventional Violin and Mridanga

Round Three

Vakra Sanchara Raaga Kritis - Top 10 from the above round will be selected from Round Two

In this round, the participants will have to sing kritis composed in Vakra Sanchara Raagas. Eg: Kadanakuthoohala, Begada, Anandabhairavi to name a few.

Semi Final Round

This round will be a surprise round for participants which will be revealed to the seven top participants from Round Three.

Grand Finale

Top five participants from semi finals will enter the Grand Finale.

The participants will be singing in the presence of the general public, dignitaries and celebrities.

This will be a very challenging and interesting round. The participants will be singing a common Raga , in two styles. They will be expected to render a classical composition with the conventional Pakkavadya and also a classical based film song with the live film orchestra.

The Winner of WMC Sankara Sangeet Yaatra will be awarded the SANGEET SARVABHOWMA 2018 Title

After Semi Finals, the participants will undergo a 10 days of Gurukula stay and will be mentored by accomplished musicians. Here they will get an opportunity to learn and be in close quarters with renowned musicians and pick up a few tips of how to improve on their performing skills & techniques.